The one with the long, long walk

Weekend Three

Stats from  weekend

- 27 slices of cake consumed
- 36 pancakes consumed
- 3 tins of pickled fish consumed... (attempted)
- 11 devices overloading the wifi
- 17 man hours spent on craft.
- 0 craft knife related injuries
- 6 ice creams demolished

Incidents of note. 

- unexpected sunburn
- restaurants being several miles further away than described by the host.
- challenging intellectual card game, played on a late night after a long day.

Briefing three 

Estonia weekend three briefing gave us our teams share of hot weather and bright sunshine.  Plenty of time spent in glorious conditions outdoors, planning for time to be spent in Baltic conditions, outdoors!

The weekend had heavy focus on the more serious side of the planning we have, including risk assessments, travel, and accommodation for the 22 days that we will be away for.  Work also commenced on breaking down the training sessions and events we will be managing and assessing the resources for these.

We took time out to explore Vicky's beautiful home town, beautiful walks around Bradford-on-Avon and nearby Bath, interspersed with trying out a few Estonian treats in preparation for meal times in country.  Our selection included some delicious pickled vegetables and fish in vinegar, as well as a fabulous rhubarb sponge home baked from Vicky. (Candid facial expressions not posed)
Sacha and Amy assessing the pickled fish selection

Stay tuned for our next updates, only 22 days to Lorne and briefing 4!


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