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The one with all the spreadsheets

For our fourth briefing last weekend, we went to Northern Ireland. Unfortunately, Lauren couldn’t join us this weekend but the rest of us made the trip over by plane to Roxy’s hometown, Belfast. The weather was great and we were super-efficient and completed our checklist and many more “challenges” by 11am on Sunday morning.
We’ve had a great time prepping for Estonia as well as relaxing and bonding as a team. Bonding has included playing Truth or Dare Jenga, the Chase card game and going round the Belfast Disney store. As we head home, we are filled with excitement for our trip which is seeming closer and more real by the day!!

Weekend Accomplishments:
✓ Accommodation booked ✓ Resources list written ✓ (Some) training plans written ✓ List of tourist activities to do on days off compiled ✓ Transport researched ✓ Many spreadsheets colour-coded ✓ Wellbeing plans completed ✓ Happy Playlist compiled ✓ 75,000 steps walked around Belfast ✓ 10 millipedes removed from Ranger Cottage, Lorne estate ✓ 48 ba…