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It all begins!

Welcome to GOLD Estonia 2017!
 I’m Lauren, and with my fellow Estonia team members we will be keeping you updated throughout the year as to our progress in our project for Guiding in Estonia with the Eesti GaIdide Liit. Our team is now firmly on track following our first briefing. 
This weekend just passed, Amy B, Amy W, Lauren, Roxy, Sacha and Vicky all met formally for our first planning and training sessions at Tolmers’ Scout camp in Hertfordshire. Following on from the fun and adventures of our selection weekend in Wales, and along with the others selected for projects this year, we were able to settle down as a team and start to work towards our goals for the coming months. Somewhat fortunately, this was without the distraction of unexpected late night events and the trail of rain and mud that encompassed our selection process!

The six of us have been hand picked to work together based on our previous skills and life experience as well as our personalities and team skills working …