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2017's Final GOLD Adventure

Last Friday, we all headed up to Sheffield for our debrief weekend; the final step of our GOLD journey. We were joined by the teams from Aruba, Rwanda, and Ghana, to evaluate and share our experiences from our projects.

Saturday morning kicked off with a challenge to create a 15 minute presentation describing our project in Estonia to share with the other teams. Due to the amount of walking we had completed during our whole project (500,000 steps in total!) we decided to create a walking timeline of everything we had achieved.

After lunch, we had various activities to complete, including team debrief sessions, and time to learn about other international opportunities available to us now that we had completed GOLD. We also had time to prepare for the evening entertainment.

For our entertainment, we decided to share a game that we had played whilst with the Estonian Guides. Everyone stand in a circle linking arms, with a cushion in the middle. You then have to pull across the circle as ha…

Cheerio, not Goodbye! #DAYS 21-22

Day 21 Sunday October 1st

After we'd had another Estonian breakfast, we packed up our stuff and got the bus back to Tallinn. The journey was only 2 hours and seemed to go really fast. We got a tram to the Old Town, and then it was only a short walk to our hotel, which was just inside the town walls. The hotel was very quirky and we had been upgraded to the third floor, with windows (we had booked the cheapest rooms in the basement with no windows)! Once we’d settled in, we went out into the Old Town to find the cafe which did the amazing hot chocolates. They lived up to expectations; literally melted chocolate in hot milk. So good! We bought some last minutes gifts and snacks in Rimi and then headed back to the hotel to prep for evaluation and write thank you postcards. We then gathered up our stuff and headed back down to the bus stop where it was a short journey up the road to the EGL office. Miia greeted us, and we told her all the things we’d been doing over the last three weeks…