The one where Philip Schofield joined in...

Team Estonia were reunited with all the other 2017 GOLD teams in London at Second Briefing at the end of April 😊 It was another tiring weekend full of training, teamwork and laughter and it was great to get to know everyone a bit better!

Team Estonia on the Scout Park Friendship Bench

Highlights of the weekend: 
  • Delivered a good training on demographics of the UK: we prepared and ran a session for Team Ghana, Team Aruba and Team Rwanda- including a race using skittles!
  • WAGGGS training: we had a session with Nefali from WAGGGS teaching us about their structure and aims, as well as having a chance to look through their resources.
  • Role-specific trainings: on Saturday afternoon, we split off into our role groups and had specific training on what our responsibilities are before, during and after project. 
  • Home-assembled trifle: our dessert on Saturday evening was yummy trifle which we had to assemble ourselves with jelly, custard, whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Unfortunately some of the jelly hadn't set, so the custard sunk into it which made for an interesting looking pudding! 

Amy's beautiful trifle (it did actually taste very good!)

  • Best of British Awards: each team was challenged to a series of activities hosted by other the other teams. Team Estonia hosted "The Cube", and Philip Schofield came to visit with his helpers. We built bridges to celebrate British Engineering, tested our British Literature Knowledge but the highlight was winning a Brit Award for our 90s Pop Knowledge!! 

  • All the 2017 GOLDies at the Best of British Awards Evening
    On set at The Cube- with our Brit Awards!

    Stats for the weekend:

  • Number of chocolate bunnies killed in transit: 1 😥
  • Number of awards won: 2
  • Number of bags of sweets consumed: 8 
  • Number of hours of sleep: about 10! 

  • Team Estonia has rather a sweet tooth!

    Incidents reported: 
  • Lauren's alarm is never allowed to go off at 5 am again!
  • Sacha should not pack chocolate bunnies at the bottom of her bag- it doesn't end well!

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